The Process



You’ve seen magazine clippings, read articles on the internet, and spent numerous hours conceptualizing different ideas for your outdoor living space. The process begins here.

Our clients contact our offices at (301) 778-3794 to causally discuss their upcoming project and ideas. Together we brainstorm and schedule a site consultation. A designer will meet with you to conduct a physical walk through discussing the ideas and expectations to be implemented for the property, along with the your project budget and scope.

Next, we will mutually determine if a design is necessary to move forward with the project. If it is not necessary, we will provide you with a proposal outlining every specific detail we discussed. Typically, we arrange a second meeting to discuss the proposal and provide you an opportunity to ask any questions. If we determine it beneficial to create the design, we will submit a design proposal for you to accept. The design process begins with a preliminary plan that we present to you. At that review, we discuss the design concept with you, any changes will be noted and updated.After the revisions are complete we meet with a final master plan and detailed proposal. We begin to discuss the construction process.

Chang!If the project is accepted we receive a deposit and start our pre-construction planning. This includes preparing and sourcing all materials necessary to craft the project. These materials are placed on order and scheduled accordingly. If the construction project last longer than 4-8 weeks we can provide a formal construction schedule.This ensures our team and you are clear on the schedule to complete the work. After the schedule is coordinated, we hold a pre-construction site visit with your project manager, foreman, and sub-contractors to discuss the proper execution of the construction. When construction begins we will work closely with you and the team ensure the site is being properly constructed and is always safe. We will ave scheduled meetings to review the project process. Finally, wre will not the leave the site until the project is 100% complete and up to your standards.

The Process Recap

  • Initial Consultation & Site Analysis
  • Design/Proposal
  • Pre-Construction Planning
  • Installation of Project
  • Construction Site Visits
  • Maintaining Your Project