Q?What is the best method of contacting Presidential Custom Contracting?

Just call, email, or fill out our contacts page! We are available during business hours. Our phone lines tend to be busy during the days as we are ordering material and speaking with clients. For an immediate response if an employee is unable to answer, leave a message. We almost always return calls within 10-15 minutes.
Our phone number is (301) 778-3794
Our email is info@presidentialcontractors.com

Q?What kind of projects does Presidential build?

Presidential Custom Contracting specializes primarily in exterior construction with a large emphasis on natural stone masonry, pool construction, exterior carpentry, pavers, concrete, plant material, and custom features that enhance your outdoor living space. We have extensive knowledge in the design and build of complex construction projects. Our clients hire us for all phases of these projects. Often times our clients are so pleased with our exterior work and trust our craftsmanship that they hire us for interior projects such as finishing basements, kitchens and bathrooms, tile and marble. We also provide a top-notch project management services to our clients. For instance, clients building new homes or remodeling often do not the time or resources to manage a multifaceted construction project. So Presidential is hired to handle all the management and communication between the client and contractors. It’s provides clients with a peace of mind, knowing the job will get completed properly on time and on budget.

Q?How long do projects typically take? Can you start immediately after we sign the contract?

Projects vary in size and shape. Some take 1 day others up 2 years. It all depends on the scope of the project. During our meetings and presentation of the proposal we discuss the timelines and start dates. We certainly work our hardest to get the project started rapidly and completed quickly. However, we never want to jeopardize the quality and craftsmanship of a project. For projects that are lengthy in time, we have the option to develop a construction schedule (which a lot of clients prefer). Once we sign the contract it typically takes 7-14 days to start a $0-5000 dollar job. For larger jobs can take up to 3-4 weeks. We need to sign the contract, collect a deposit, and begin to source the materials, hold pre-construction meetings, and finalize all the details prior to setting the start date. These elements are critical to the execution of the job. We always encourage clients to plan before the rush. If you take the time to plan the project ahead, there are very few delays. Due to the nature of the industry, this is an extremely busy business during March-June. Delays can occur in these months if planning isn’t done ahead of time.

Q?Do you provide design services?

Yes we can provide full designs for most types of construction projects. We offer full master plans for the properties exterior. We have skilled landscape designers on staff and work exclusively with landscape architects to provide architectural renderings.

Q?How much will my project cost?

It truly depends on the project itself and scope of work. Similar to home construction, any major project will have a series of options to pick and choose from. It is ultimately these options that dictate the final cost of the project. Do you want to have a custom landscape designed to coordinate with your homes architecture? Do you want to use high quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure the project is built to last?

As an overall rule of thumb, experts recommend planning on making an investment of approximately 10-15% of the total value of your home on the exterior landscape projects. Planning ahead with designs provides clarity and budget, especially helpful for new home construction.

For landscape renovation, the same applies in respect to overall investment. However, you may choose to refresh targeted areas over time to spread the cost and constantly bring new life to your landscape.

Most homeowners will agree, there is an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) from any landscaping project designed by a professional firm. Did you know landscaping returns 100 to 200 percent of the investment compared to kitchen remodeling returning 75 to 125 percent and bathroom remodeling returning 20 to 120 percent.

Additionally, there is even more value to enhancing your landscape. When you show pride in your properties exterior it encourages neighbors in the community to enhance their properties as well. This essentially adds a charm and finesse to the neighborhood which translate to “curb appeal” to “desirable community” to “higher priced values”. Not to mention, you will be enjoying your quality of life outdoors!

Q?What is your warranty? How do I request warranty service?

Our warranties are always going to specified in your contract. We typically provide 1 year warranties on the majority components in your project. For masonry and concrete we provide 4 year labor warranties on all construction. Pool construction includes 3 year warranty. We provide a 6 month warranty for all plant material installed. Unfortunately, we can not assume liability for the plant material that does not survive because it is a living organism. It requires proper care which can sometimes be neglected. We provide you with proper watering and care instructions. We always encourage installing an irrigation system. Lastly, most material manufactures include product warranties which we will discuss at the time of proposal.

If an issue arises relating to a warranty we request the that you email us. Please send all emails to admin@presidentialcontractors.com. In the subject line of the email, please list out Warranty Request and the numbers of your address. In the email body please list out in detail the request. Please be as descriptive as possible. The request will be processed by our office and you will receive a response within 24-48 hours. A site visit will be scheduled to inspect the issue. The issue will be corrected. The issue is usually repaired within 4-7 days. However, each project is different and may require special order material. If you do not have email access please fax us a description. Most importantly, we encourage you follow these steps to ensure proper repair. If you phone call it in sometimes these issues get passed around and overlooked. If you follow these steps, you create a paper trail delivered to correct person each time.